Damage Repairs

Termite and Dryrot Repairs

Farmer Termite & Pest Control is your one stop shop to a secure pest free home. We can not only take care of all of your termites, but we can repair any damage they may have caused to your home. With your free termite inspection we will provide you with not only an estimate for your termite treatment options but also an estimate for repairing the damage that has been caused.

Termites can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to your home before you know it. That is why it’s so important you have regular inspections completed or sign up for an annual protection plan.

However, termites aren’t the only thing destroying your home. Another far more insidious organism can wreak havoc on your home and cause thousands of dollars of damage…Dryrot/ Fungus. Like the name suggests Dryrot/Fungus is a fungus that destroys the wood in your home like a cancer. And just like a cancer it can spread silently throughout your home. Unfortunately, there is only one remedy for this nasty problem and that is to cut out the damaged area and replace with fresh wood. We are fully bonded, insured and state licensed general building contractors with the ability to repair any part of your home that may have been damaged.

Even if we didn’t do your termite treatments we can and will repair the damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the damage has spread like cancer throughout your home.